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LED Wall Washer

LED Wall Washer

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LED Wall Washer

The LED recessed spotlight is an incredible lighting product offering versatility, design aesthetics and powerfull  lighting. It is a suitable choice for the illumination of all products that are displayed in store and provides effective solutions for your marketing requirements. The recessed spotlight has been created to produce efficiency in lighting and can be purchased as a single LED spotlight or package up to 16 spotlights.

The recessive spotlight is powerful in its illumination and fits seamlessly in a display cabinet or showcasing unit. The unobtrusive lights can also be tilted and adjusted to ensure it highlights the merchandise of your choosing.

Encased in beautifully crafted aluminium, our LED recessed spotlights are not only aesthetic but incorporate the best LED technology. The LED globes are encased in a rust resistant material and provide lasting features for various display purposes.

We ensure that every product showcased is lit up with brilliance and high shine. The incredible features of the LED spotlight including its powerful light production and its high levels of energy efficiency. Store owners and commercial properties are provided the added benefits of:

Low maintenance LED lights

Low cost

Maximum performance

Powerful lighting display


With the necessary features and functionality, the LED recessed spotlight can be used as a single light or multiple lights. The more spotlights used, the greater the illumination effect.

Call on Trivers for Your Custom Lighting Needs

If you need recessed LED spotlights or a powerful but efficient technology, then we are the lighting experts you need. Our LED lights are reliable and incorporate beautiful design. We ensure that our products last and assist with your unique merchandise lighting requirements. 

16 Light Recessed LED Spotlight

Item #: TR123

AC100-240V, 16 watts, 1600lm

3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K 

8 Light LED Recessed Spotlight

Item #: TR122

AC100-240V, 8 watts, 800lm

3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K

4 Light LED Recessed Spotlight

Item #: TR121

AC100-240V, 4*2watts, 400lm

3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K

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